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från Sendcloud
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från Sendcloud
Save time on your shipping process!
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Gratis paket tillgängligt
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        Offer multiple shipping methods and carriers
        Automate and ship your packages in minutes
        Exceed customer expectations with branded tracking mails and tracking pages
        Return portal that drives customer loyalty and growth
    Sendcloud enables e-commerce businesses to save time, effort and money on their most crucial process: shipping. Connect to your favourite carriers and efficiently ship worldwide. Exceed customer expectations with branded tracking mails, tracking pages, and a fully self-service return portal. Get your store ready for international growth with the scalable Sendcloud shipping platform: - Easily integrate all carriers, offer home delivery, same day delivery, evening delivery, and any other delivery method you can think of. - Automate and streamline your shipping, picking and packing process ...
    and customise your workflow to save time and money. - Superb customer experiences drive brand loyalty and consumer trust, perhaps non more than the delivery experience. - Returns are inevitable and can be a bottleneck for retention and growth. Customers that have a good returns experience report they would buy again, make sure you nail it.
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    PAY AS YOU GO-paket
      Use our pre-negotiated shipping rates
      Use multiple shipping methods
      Branded tracking emails
      Personalised return portal
    SMALL SHOP-paket
    / månad
      Use your own carrier contract
      Max. 5 smart shipping rules
      Branded track & trace page
      Phone support
    LARGE SHOP-paket
    / månad
      Use your own carrier contract
      Unlimited shipping rules
      Widgets on track & trace page
      Export your parcels as a CSV file
    / månad
      Use your own carrier contract
      Pack & Go picking solution
      Remove Sendcloud watermark
      Dedicated account manager
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