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Stores Tool
från Phoe Design
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Stores Tool

från Phoe Design
Take control of your Store and Product Media
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Översikt av Stores Tool

    Rename all your product images and videos with one click
    Auto-attach media to products to build your store and get organised, easily moving product media to folders
    Optimise product management with advanced dashboards
    Download product media, manage product categories, SKU, price, weight, cost and more
Enhance and optimise you store, product and media management. With our Stores Tool, renaming product images and video files for your entire store is as simple as a single click, ensuring that your media assets are organised and accessible. Build your store rapidly, auto-attaching product media based on file names. Keep your media manager in order with the folder management feature, making it a breeze to locate, search and utilise your product media. Our efficiency goes even further; need to quickly download a product's media for sharing? Just a click in Stores Tool, and you're ready to send. Bring optimisation, efficiency, and organisation to your store. Our advanced product dashboards bring instant visibility and control over product categories, SKU, price, weight, cost, inventory, media, and more. Wanting to manage products which fit within a specific shipping band, a specific category and above a particular price point? Stores Tool offers comprehensive insights and control, empowering you to make informed decisions about your store. Whether you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of products; save time and money by elevating your Store and media management with Stores Tool.
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