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Photo & Video Gallery
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Photo & Video Gallery

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Images, photos, YouTube videos & testimonials
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  • Översikt av Photo & Video Gallery

        Save time with automatic image cropping and choose a grid, collage or slider layout.
        Create a lookbook of photos, images or videos from YouTube and Vimeo.
        Get more conversions with call-to-action buttons and a search bar.
        Get more engagement with a lightbox popup slider to let customers take a closer look at your pictures or videos.
    Make your product or team photos and videos come to life with a beautiful, free Pinterest style gallery or lookbook. - Upload photos to create a product image gallery or lookbook, press gallery, gallery for your team profiles on your 'About Us' page, or a gallery of user testimonials. - Choose your automatic image optimizer filter and layout, such as collage or grid. - Easily embed videos to your gallery from YouTube and Vimeo. - Add titles and caption text to your photos and videos. - Use call-to-action buttons in your Photo & Video Gallery to direct users to another page, for example a shop...
    , sales or product page. - Add alt text to each photo to optimize your images for SEO. - Enable a lightbox popup slider to let customers take a closer look at your pictures or videos. - Display social proof with a ‘like’ button so visitors can like your gallery images, photos or videos. - Add a search bar so your visitors can easily find photos or videos in your gallery. - Customizable design: adjust spacing, choose your ideal photo size & cropping style, add borders, pick custom fonts, & more. - Mobile responsive and supports text in any language.
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