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DSA: Product & Review Importer
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DSA: Product & Review Importer

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Automate Your Drop Shipping business with DSA
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  • Översikt av DSA: Product & Review Importer

        You're just a click away to import products and reviews from Alibaba, Amazon, Aliexpress, Etsy, and many other lead websites to your store.
        Manage your products and reviews with ease. Edit product titles, descriptions, prices, images, variations and the reviews whenever needed.
        Update the inventory whenever you want. Pick the product to be updated and click the “Update Inventory” button. That's all you need to do.
        Order Fulfillment - Simplified ordering process through DSA. With just a click you can confirm your order on Amazon and Aliexpress.
    Important: To use this app on your site, you need to add Wix Stores. DSA is a dropshipping app offering automated import products and reviews from top suppliers' websites such as Alibaba, Amazon, Aliexpress, Shein, and many others. Take your business to new heights with this automated dropshipping app. It allows you to import products, variants, and reviews to your store in the fastest way possible. Set up your store, import products and reviews to your store, start personalizing, and run your business. * Step 1: Install the DSA app to your store * Step 2: Download the DSA Chrome extension * Step 3: Import products and reviews to your store * Step 4: Customize them to create your desired store * Step 5: Start selling online
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    Import 30 products
    Import 300 product variants
    Choose 100 product reviews
    Supported 6 suppliers' platforms


    / månad
    Import 1000 products
    Import 5000 product variants
    Choose 5000 product reviews
    Supported 11 suppliers' platforms


    / månad
    Import 1000 products
    Import 10000 product variants
    Choose 20000 product reviews
    Different SKU, Price, Quantity, Images
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