V.I.Plus - Email Marketing

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V.I.Plus - Email Marketing

V.I.Plus - a major plus for building and maintaining customer relationships!

Expand your mailing lists, create professional newsletters and analyze mailing effectiveness.

Add the V.I.Plus App to your Wix site now:

  • Build & expend your mailing list: add a Sign-Up function to your Wix site in one click.
  • Manage multiple mailing lists: have new contacts automatically added to your customer database and mailing lists.
  • Create customized marketing messages with easy to use design templates and Send your customers information such as: newsletters, emails, promotional campaigns and more.
  • Launch unique newsletter campaigns instantly as they are ready to go; automatically as contacts sign up or by predefined time intervals.
  • Track & analyze your campaign’s effectiveness: get mailing statistics to figure out who opened your mail; who deleted it etc.
  • Create seamless, dynamic landing pages with the V.I.Page landing page wizard.
  • Take your customer relations to the next step with our built-in CRM.

Build & enhance your customer relationship today. Try V.I.Plus now!