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AdScale: Google & Facebook Ads
från AdScale
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AdScale: Google & Facebook Ads

från AdScale
Run first-party data ads on Google & Facebook
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Översikt av AdScale: Google & Facebook Ads

    Automated pixel deployment, Facebook feed creation, and merchant center creation
    Easy ads creation on Search, shopping, Display, Facebook & Instagram
    Business Intelligence module with dozens of dashboards and actionable insights
    Dynamic customer segments builder and 24/7 budget & bid optimization
In today's post-cookie world, leveraging your customer data's power for acquisition and retention is the only way to ensure sustainable growth. AdScale analyzes your business data, creates smart customer segments, and then targets the right audience at the right time by creating and optimizing ads across Google, Facebook and Instagram, so you will never miss a sale. With AdScale, you can easily acquire more customers and increase their lifetime value. Manage all aspects of your customer data and marketing efforts in one place with AdScale: * Automated Ads creation on Google & Facebook using data and images pulled automatically from your store. * Customers Segments Creator * Products Segments Creator * 50+ Business Intelligence Dashboards
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Automated ads creation
24/7 performance optimization
Cross-channel analytics
Ad copy library
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